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Straetegic puts you back in the driver’s seat with sound advice.

Straetegic Consulting is a highly specialised transfer pricing consultancy firm. At Straetegic, we’re dedicated to assisting you in every field of transfer pricing by approaching advisory in a uniquely practical manner. Straetegic puts you back in the driver’s seat, with advice that works, provided for by experienced “Operational Transfer Pricing” specialists.

Straetegic is your personal guide in the labyrinth of tax legislation.

“What makes Arthur different is that he has extensive experience as a practitioner, not only as a consultant. This allows him to give pragmatic, to-the-point advice which are easily implementable. He was also very helpful in giving his recommendations during group-internal discussions about transfer pricing and business model modifications.”

(Dr. Wieland Noetzold, Senior Executive Officer at Sunstar SA)