Virtual tax director

Due to our extensive in-house experience, we can offer our clients a virtual solution to solve the immediate need for senior tax support. If you need senior tax support ASAP, we offer our virtual tax director and virtual transfer pricing director proposition. We hit the ground running because we know how in-house tax works. Pick up the phone and you will get an answer to your tax problem straightaway. Remote or at your office for the amount of time you need.

Tax Business Model Design and Implementation

We redesign or optimise your company's business model in such a way that it is future proof and compliant when it comes to taxation. Straetegic has extended practical experience in the implementation as well, not only focusing on the tax impact but also on ERP implementation and change management.

Value Chain Analysis

From raw materials to end product, from farm to table, insight in your company's value chain has become instrumental in determining adequate intercompany pricing. With our unique combination of Arthur, an experienced tax director with Sander, a tax-lawer-turned-entrepreneur / business administrator, Straetegic is one of the most skilled VCA-analysis firms across multiple different industries.

“Straetegic Consulting is a top-notch international boutique advisor in strategic and operational transfer pricing powered by a vast experienced team of professionals. A Company that competes with the very best in its field. “”

(Kenneth Lynard, Group Chief Financial Officer Zentiva)